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Injuries and Accidents

Injuries and accidents are a part of life. Sometimes they are not your fault or maybe they were but there could have been something done to prevent it. As a legal representative in many of these types of cases I cannot tell you how many clients I have represented that were turned away at other firms.

Lawyers typically like to cases that are clearly won before ever stepping into a court room. In some cases these are easy to identify such as unlabeled hazard areas, slip and fall cases, or even some collisions. While I have had my fair share of those cases, I have also taken on cases that other lawyers would not touch. Here's just one of many stories:

I represented a client that injured his knee while running at night through a parking lot. On his evening run he decided to cut through a parking lot that had just been repainted and was poorly lit. Unfortunately for him, he tripped over one of the parking barriers and injured his knee pretty severely. After attempting 5 other firms, he had all but given up on having his medical expenses covered. Each lawyer sent him away because they felt it was his fault and there was no case to be made. While I partially agreed that he had some fault in the matter I accepted the case and won. He was awarded a generous settlement and his medical expenses were covered.

I am not afraid of working hard to find my clients the justice they deserve. Integrity, honesty, and hard work are the cornerstones for how our firm operates. There are several more stories just like this one that ended well for my clients but only after being turned away from the bigger firms that wanted easy cases. I am always available for free consultations and promise to fight for you if we agree to work together.

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