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Why Attorney Reviewed?

You have plenty of options at your disposal to go through the divorce process and we know this. Here's the thing... hiring an attorney can cost an arm and a leg averaging $17,000 or more and paralegals don't always have the right answers for matters regarding the law, custody, child support, or alimony. That is where we come in.

If you and your spouse have an amicable divorce arranged, an attorney reviewed "courtless" divorce is the fastest and least complex option available to you. Let's break that down real quick:

Amicable Divorce: We work with clients that are in agreement about the divorce and have agreed to work together to finalize the process. Our goal is to help both sides fairly and to provide information as well as assistance in filing.

Attorney Reviewed: This is perhaps what sets us apart from other companies offering to do "courtless" divorces. We are not a paralegal service, meaning we have a real attorney that will be reviewing the file as it comes in to ensure that the first time you file it will be accepted. Unfortunately some paralegals bend the rules and offer legal advice or attempt to mediate divorces, but are unqualified to do so and a file will be sent back from the court due to errors. What we are offering is the opportunity to have your file reviewed by an attorney at the cost of a paralegal service and the comfort of knowing it will be done correctly the first time.

"Courtless" divorce: Well there is no such thing as a "no court" divorce, this process involves significantly less court involvement, time, and energy. Rather than spending hours of your time driving to and from the court and being handed more paperwork to fill out with every visit, we offer a guided process to ensure your time is not wasted.

We are simply here to help make a difficult time a little easier for everyone. With guidance throughout the process from a team of experienced professionals we ensure the process doesn't get simpler.

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